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Subject: Ecstasy in Suburbia 4Ecstasy in Suburbia 4This portion contains m/m, m/m/w, and w/w/w sex, read at your own risk.All disclaimers applied, and feedback is welcome at
Chapter FourThe ManservantI woke up, then headed for breakfast with the ladies. I cooked for all of
them, and it was a rather interesting conversation we had. "Us girls might
try something interesting tonight, especially after what they told
me. You've been a naughty host." This anorexic young childern
was Diane. I raised my hands in mock
protest. "It was an accident, I swear. What's this little young pussies interesting thing you
wish to try, young little upskirts ma'am?" They giggled amongst themselves. "Well, Flora and I
are very experienced in it, but I don't think Cindy has gotten a real feel
of the true pleasure of anal sex, so we're going to instruct her. Hope you
don't mind we get down and dirty in one of the rooms." Replies
Flora. "Flora, if you gals minded, you wouldn't be here. We'll be having
some guests later tonight." I said, finishing my orange juice. "Oh, really,
who is it?" asked Cindy, her beautiful eyes sparkling. "A friend of the
family, she's bringing this guy from Athens to visit. He needs a place to
stay so I gave it to him." They snickered. "I'm sure he'll fit in here
quite well." I took the bait. "More like I'll older young porn fit in him quite well." They
laughed, and then Diane asked me. "So do you really like boning other men?"
I thought for awhile and then replied. "I'll tell you what I told your
daughter...before I took her to heaven." At this Cindy blushed. "The human
body is beautiful. I love women, and I'm going to marry one and hot young bitches
have kids
with her. But before that, I don't mind experimenting. I fucked a man and a
woman on the same day. Both were different, both felt good." "Would you be
top or bottom?" "If it's a strong man, I'll take it. But if it's someone my
size or smaller, I'll be on top. I've tried them both so far." We kept
talking, little young pussies about different positions and tastes, and then they left for their
room, no doubt to put in practice what they learned. I left the house, went
to the store and fetched several bottles of lubricant, drove back home,
placed one in every room. Then I did chores around the house, sweeping,
cleaning, finishing the lawnwork. I finished everything by evening, a
thunderstorm brewing overhead. I was about to head for the shower, as I was
dirty, and sweaty, but the doorbell rang. This was always good news. I
opened, and again I was greeted by a gorgeous sight.First was the family friend. She was in her late thirties, a bit chubby,
but with a figure that resembled one of those nudes they painted back
then. Next to her, in a sleeveless shirt and shorts, was Andreas. Just like
the picture, I felt my cock twitch for both of them. I greeted them both
with a kiss on the cheek. "Welcome. You must be Andreas." He nodded. "And
you must be Alex. Marco told me a lot about you." I caught a wink as I led
them inside and shut the door. "Alex, do you mind if I stay here? I have
the week off, and it's kind of late to go back home." This was Aunt
Barbara, as we called her. "Sure. There's a room open, youngest panties I'll show it to you
later. In the meantime, I must shower. Do you guys mind waiting a bit?"
"No, not at all. Where's your shower?" "Follow me." I led them upstairs to
the little young pussies master bedroom, where only Marco had been to. "Let me use the bathroom
real quick before you go in." she went in to the restroom, her bouncy ass
jiggling as she entered, and she closed the door, leaving only Andreas and
me. "How was your trip?" I asked, moving closer to him. "It was good. But
it might be about to get better." I reached out to his shirt and stuck my
hand underneath his shirt. His skin was very soft to the touch, much like
Cindy's. I trailed my hand down to his shorts and stuck it underneath. His
ass was very soft, and my pants began to hurt as my cock was pushing for
liberation. "Mmmmh....Marco was right, your touch is magic." He said,
moaning lightly. I pressed against him as I took my hands out and took off
my shirt. He placed his hands on my chest and began feeling it. "Fit,
too. You must exercise like a Spartan." "I young fetish try." I said as he knelt down
and pulled down my pants. I stpped out of my socks as he looked up. He
licked the tip of my cock and then engulfed it. I was in heaven again. I
was about to grunt for him to not stop when we heard the toilet flush. He
immediately pulled out and stood up, as I threw a towel around my waist
quickly as the door opened. "Wow, I see you're ready." Barbara said as she
eyed the clothes on the floor. I ran to the shower and stepped in. It was
unusually quick, youngest tiny girls ten minutes, and I steppd out, dripping wet and with steam
around me. I stepped outside and was greeted by quite a sight. Barbara was
sitting on the couch, legs spread, and Andreas was on all fours, licking
her opening.They were both naked, and Andreas' lovely soft ass was the
nearest target. I picked up some lubricant and lathered some on my cock and
then began probing Andreas' asshole with more lubricant. He took my two
fingers in quite well. So in no time I began kissing his lower back and
ass, my hands circling down to his balls and cock. We both let out a grown
as I entered him. As always, I was in heaven, but I had a job to do. I
rammed myself slowly into him as I masturbated him. I began to pick up the
pace just as my aunt was beginning innocent young girls to emit small yelps, which rose in pitch
just as I went faster. She screamed, and Andreas came in my hands, Barbara
splattered his face in her juices, and I burst my seed into his bowels. I
pulled out and fell back. Andreas stood up and I spread my legs. He took
the hint and went down on me. I grunted as my rock-hard tool was engulfed
in something warm and juicy again. Barbara stood up and placed herself with
her pussy on my face. I understood what to do and began licking, tasting
her lovely juices. My tongue swirled around her opening, and I savoured her
clitoris, biting the nub gently. "Oh, baby. You sure know how to please a
woman." Meanwhile I felt a wonderful feeling boiling in my balls. "Oh!" she
said after awhile, and she came in my mouth and I came in Andreas again. I
savored her juices as they both stood up from me. Slowly, I stood up and
went for Barbara. My cock grew hard again as I reached up to play with her
breasts. I leaned down and kissed her nipples, biting the left one gently
and pinching the right one. "I've always wanted to do this." I kissed her
again, our grandpa fucking young
tongues dancing in each other's mouths, then I moved closer to
her, placing the head of my shaft at her opening. I entered her and she
moaned in pleasure again. As porn young 18 my member was devoured by the lovely suction
from her pussy lips, Andreas stood and then placed his dick outside
Barbara's mouth. She opened it and he stuck his cock in. My dick was in a
very warm spot, and I was savoring every pull out and every thrust, our
private regions making a lovely squishing noise. Her moans were increasing
in pitch again, and as she released, my bowels exploded in pleasure and I
came inside her. Andreas grunted and then I saw him twitch and spill
himself inside Barbara's mouth. He pulled out, and some cum dribbled down
her cheek. I kissed her, tasting the gooey residue that Andreas had left
there. It was amazing next, we were exhausted, but we kissed each other, my
tongue dancing in with Andreas's and Barbara's tongues as we caressed each
other. "Alex," Andreas spoke, as my hands felt his chest. "I want to be
your slave. Anything you want, I will." "Then it seems you have found a
place to stay."
Later that night with the weather outside in quite a thunderstorm, I had
set porn young 18 up Barbara in one of the open rooms, and I went to the basement to
check the tapes. Everything was going perfectly, and I checked out what
went on that day in the girls room. Cindy, Flora, and Diana. For reference,
Cindy, the blonde, was the youngest at 16, Flora, ethnic beauty, her maid,
was 20 some, and Cindy's mother, Diane was 35.Diane and Flora were on either side lesbian young of Cindy when they started kissing her,
their hands running all over her body. Flora stood up and began a sexy
striptease, while Diane slowly unbottned her daughter's shirt. Flora
finished, standing with her delicate brown skin in front of the two
voluptuous blondes. Diane began playing with her daughter's left breast and
Flora played with the right. Cindy and Diane undressed and my cock got
painfully harder. Cindy laid down face up as her mother licked her neck and
trailed upwards to her face, while Flora kissed her belly and then stuck a
finger up Cindy's now wet opening. "Mom I wanted this for so long." Cindy
whispered as her lips broke free form her mothers, and then free young naked they locked
tongues again. Flora now removed her finger and began orally pleasing her
mistress. Her head bobbed up and down, and Cindy's hands began gripping the
bed sheets as she got closer and closer to orgasm. She moaned and moaned,
Diane pulled back and stroked her breasts. "That's it Cindy, cum for mommy,
cum for mommy!" Soon enough, that happened, as Diane began to bite on her
daughter's erect nipple and then Cindy screamed as her back arched, and
then relaxed. "Your turn, Diane." Diane relaxed back on the bed and spread
her legs. Flora crawled on the bed and positioned herself in the 69
position with Diane. Cindy knelt down in between Diane's legs and then
began orally pleasing her, as Flora did the same, and two tongues
intertwined and explored the older woman's inner areas. Meanwhile Diane did
the same to Flora, and they kept at it, their free hands moving all over
their soft skin, Diane's fingers probing Flora's asshole as her tongue
licked her clit. Then it happened again, a collective shudder as Diane
sprayed Flora and Cindy with cum, and Flora's juices dripped into real young tgp Diane's
mouth.And then it happened, a power outage. "Bloody `ell!" Darkness surrounded
me. Outside, I could hear the rain splattering heavily against the basement
window. What made it naked pre young worse was the erection I had, which didn't let me
think straight. I felt my way to the stairs and then into the kitchen,
where I hit myself against one of the chairs. Cursing, I stumbled against
the wall again. Using the only sense available to me, touch and hearing, I
found the stairs and climbed them, and then felt my way to the room at the
end of the hall, my room. When I opened the door, I was greeted by a very
welcome sight.The room was illuminated by candlelight. And laid on the bed, with a sheet
barely covering up to the belly, was Andreas. I shut the door behind me,
and that woke him up. He sat up, more of the sheet falling and revealing
his perfect hairless body. I must have undressed quickly, because the next
thing I knew, fucking verry young I was naked on the bed, my tongue wrestling with Andreas'
tongue. We pulled apart, and then he looked down. "Wow, you sure are happy
to see me." "Shut up and blow me." I said, out of breath. "Yes, master."
We, and I was face up. He innocent young girls kissed my neck and slowly kissed his way to my
chest, and there he bit my nipples lightly, with his free hand beginning to
give my dick some much needed attention. He continued kissing, and then
found his tongue to my fuzzy area. He looked up at me adoringly, and then
engulfed my cock. I groaned as his mouth became a perfect pussy, sucking
and licking like there was no tomorrow. My hands grasped the bedsheets as I
neared orgasm. And then it happened, I groaned and then spilled my seed
into his throat, and he took it all in, cleaning me up afterwards. He
crawled Fresh young teenz back up, and we kissed, me getting a taste of my own sperm as our
tongues squirmed against the other. I got hard instantly again. "On your
hands and knees." He nodded, and then got on all fours in the very youngest porn
bed, his
asshole pointed at me. I grabbed his shoulders and then thrust myself in
him, using the saliva and sperm as lubricants. I was in heaven again, with
each thrust building up my orgasm. "Oh yes, fuck me master, fuck me
harder." I obeyed and thrust in harder, each time my cock went in, my balls
would make a loud slapping noise. "Oh..." I said as I bust again inside his
vowels. I pulled out of him and then laid back down. "Now cum for me." He
grabbed his member and then began to stroke it furiously, and he made
himself cum after a short while, his sperm was sent flying to my chest, he
relaxed, and let himself fall on top of me. He licked up the sperm that had
fallen on my chest. That done, he snuggled up to me and fell asleep.
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